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This is gonna be one of those posts that I mentioned. Where I just write what I feel like. This quarantine thing has kept me pretty busy at home. Kori, my wife(if you want to find out more about my family, Check out Kori's Instagram. @koricamper)has had me helping to paint and redecorate the house. That being said it is definitely beginning to feel more like our home...

Currently, I am working on a batch of sourdough, that I'll be baking tomorrow morning. Check out my Instagram story (@phillip_camper) to see the progress! Currently, I am on the pre-fermentation step. (pics of my recipe will also be in my story.)

Anyway, some news about the Happy Camper Cooks brand! Next week I'll be recording my first podcast, Around the Campfire. (I apologize in advance if the quality sucks, It will literally be my first one ever, and it will be a phone interview. So I'm really just hoping you can hear it at this point.)I will be spending some time chatting with a very good friend, and mentor. The original Meat Ninja, a great chef, and friend. Chef Blair Machado, of @farmsteadco in Charleston, SC.

We'll be chatting about the good ol' days, what he's up to now, and even bringing you a new recipe that he feels exemplifies Farmstead. To make it interesting, we are both going to cook it separately and see what we each end up with. Follow along here and on Instagram to see the final result.

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