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To start, I’m still working on the interview with Chef Machado. So far, our schedules are not lining up! Very soon!

In the meantime, I’ve also got interviews lined up with Dave Stine, a carpenter out of Saint Louis, and Ryan Pepper, a knife maker from Asheville, NC.

Both, Conversations around the Campfire, promise to be a great time. I will also be sending Ryan, AKA, 310 knife CO. A recipe and some pics for his blog ASAP. So make sure you follow him to see that!

So far this week, I have mostly worked on landscaping at my house! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen that progress! If not, it’s mostly, been rebuilding a fire pit in my yard. Definitely, looks a lot better than it did. Check my Instagram for updates!

I‘m thinking, very soon, I will write about what is in my mind the perfect trail mix. (Forgive me, with a name like Happy Camper Cooks I can’t help it! The fuckin’

puns just keep coming!)

Beyond that there is not a whole lot going on in my world! Stay tuned! I promise I will be much more exciting when the works reopens! If nothing else, maybe I can bring a little fuckin‘ levity to your life!

Much love,

Phillip “Happy“ Camper

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