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For those of you who came here for Happy Camper Cooks, I apologize for the amount of time that has elapsed since my last post!

If you stay up to date with the website and social media. You've already noticed a big change. Happy Camper Cooks, has grown into Red Knot Culinary, llc. Private chef service, catering, restaurant consulting, and pop-up restaurant. That being said...

I will be keeping the same name for the blog, but the format will be changing slightly. I will no longer be publishing interviews, for the time being. That has proven to be too much, I can't currently pay that endeavor the attention it deserves.

I will still be shouting out artisans, farmers, etc. That I admire...


Listeners of @the_end_of_the_shift

We are taking a temporary hiatus, be sure to listen to what is available...

Now onto Red Knot Culinary...

First, the name... A red knot is a shore bird commonly seen along the coasts of both North and South America...

I very much identify with the migratory nature of this bird... (mobile business!)

Plus, I've just always loved the vibe of businesses with birds in the name, lmao!

Speaking of mobility, I'm currently planning my first pop-up for @redknotstl it will be at the HandleBar located in The Grove here in STL. Updates forthcoming...

Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm up too.

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